Sunday, January 29, 2017


Letter from last week when the internet died on me:

Hey everybody, 

Life has been really crazy the past couple weeks, but it looks like it might start to settle down here in NukuNuku.  I was transferred here because an elder went home, and another elder who came back to the mission after injuring his foot went to Fatumu. 

I was transfered to NukuNuku on Tuesday night of last week. Then on Wednesday we set up 6 teaching and 3 baptism dates, haha wow. There are two wards in NukuNuku and they are really interested in helping the missionaries and the work. We have a ward mission leader in one of our wards that has been working like crazy to get us investigators. For the first time in my mission I hit the standard of excellence. We got 15 teachings and 20 new investigators in only 4 Days! 

We also baptized a 9-year-old, Lasisi. She had been taught for a long time but she couldn't get baptized because she was too shy to answer the questions in the interview, but we had another baptism interview and she passed! She was baptized on Saturday and it was rewarding to see how happy she was at the baptism and at Church the next day. 

In other news, I balled up with Elder Satuala today and probably have never sweat so much in my life. It is absolutely so HOT right now.  I am also way out of shape, barely got the W today, but Satuala gave me a run for my money. He's really good and quick, and I'm gonna try to ball a lot in these next 2 weeks.

Sorry the internet is really bad over here so I don't know how reliable my emails will be these next couple weeks.

Nothing else in terms of other news, trying to become Christlike and learn Tongan.
Ofa atu


This week was another normal week here is Nukunuku. In my last letter I said we had a ton of work last week and none of it panned out for this week. We had a lot of investigators go missing or parents who don't want their kids to be baptized  We went from 15 lessons to 2 lessons this week but that's the thing with Tonga. Weird fact:  as I have looked back on my mission I have only baptized people younger than 20 years old. All my investigators from this past week were also under 20 as well.

This week I went on a split with Elder Pau'u from Tonga.  Pau'u in Tongan means naughty or mischievous and he kind of lives up to his name, haha, but he is super funny and talked to me in English the entire time. It was a very interesting split.

My comp is a pretty amazing singer so the zones recruited us to sing at a musical fireside in their Stake. The prince of Tonga was supposed to come and give his testimony but he didn't show up. But we had the 1st and 2nd ongo tokoni in the Mission Presidency show up.  We sang Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing with the 7 missionaries in the Stake and it was way, way good.

Interesting facts:
- A little Tongan girl came up to the pew I was sitting on and stared at me for the entire hour.
- Started PMG over from the very beginning and decided I was gonna tear that thing apart.
- Dang, still don't know Tongan at all.
- I need to lose weight.

Love you all, have a good week,

Elder Wilson


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