Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Hey everybody,

It was a good week this week. Lots of crazy stuff happening.

-Baptism of Catherine -We finished  teaching Catherine and baptized her. She was a fun investigator to teach and she has a super good fakafeohi family. Her baptism was a wee bit stressful as the National Tongan Rugby team was playing at the time of her baptism, so we had to move it back an hour to accommodate. We were running around trying to make sure everything went to plan, but the baptism went well and I had the opportunity to do it.

-Speaking of the National Tongan Rugby team (mate ma'a Tonga) apparently they are playing insanely good and on the day of the game everyone did the Tongan version of a parade which was everybody getting in, or on top of their cars, going to town, honking their horns and yelling. WE arrived to our fafanga [meeting ?] at the end of the game and saw the last couple of minutes of Tonga beating New Zealand for the first time ever. Tonga beating New Zealand in New Zealand! Right after the game there was another pronto parade and everybody went to town again on top of their cars.

-We had two mission meetings with General Authorities - Elder Cardon and Elder Uceda.
At his Mission Conference Elder Cardon talked about the Holy Ghost and prayer, as well as the Abrahamic covenant. I learned a lot about  teaching prayer better at the end of the first lesson. 

- Then we had a super amazing privilege today to hear from Elder Uceda from the Presidency of the Seventy. He talked purely about prayer and it was, in my generation's language, like"fire." Like Elder Cardon he talked about what things we should teach and what things we shouldn't when we teach prayer. He spoke with a lot of energy and talked about how when we pray we are experiencing a little part of heaven. 

My stake is splitting this Sunday so it's gonna be a big day. Transfers are coming up in two weeks. 
Got to see The Big 4 from the MTC, Nasilai, Manu, Poulsen and me. I hope all of you have a good week.

Love you all,
 Elder Wilson

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Hey everybody,

It was another solid, yet kind of slow, week here in Tonga. We had the conference in Puke to change our branch into a ward. Puke has been a branch for 32 years, so it was a pretty historic event, and huge with 500-600 people there, probably most of them for the food afterward.  haha. Funny thing happened, Elder Vaisa and I were preparing the sacrament and there definitely wasn't enough water. We had to rush and get more cups and water super fast and finish the rest of the sacrament. As we were stressing  about the sacrament, the counselor in the Stake Presidency gives me a note saying the Mission President wasn't going to be there and could I step in and talk! haha. I did my normal Tongan talk - made a joke about eating dog then talked about missionary work. The rest of the program was really good. They made the old Branch President the new Bishop so there  really weren't any big changes. After the conference there was the biggest kai pola (feast) I have ever seen. Unfortunately I don't have any pics.

In other things:

 - We were at our fafanga the other day when Tonga and Samoa were playing Rugby. We were there at the very start for the opening prayer and the Sipitau (haka). It was crazy cool and I would invite you all to watch it if you get the opportunity.
- Uenita has given birth, we are planning to baptize her the last day of the transfer.
- I was in Longolongo dropping something off to the missionaries when I saw a super old beat up Damian Lillard jersey on someone.  I walked up and bought it off him for 20 pa'anga. It was a very good 2-way deal.
- I have been really studying the Book of Mormon, and it is so good! I also love Alma. I invite everybody to read it. 
- We have finished up teaching Catherine and will be baptizing her this week.
- Other than that work has been pretty slow.  We've been struggling with what to do as we have already knocked every door. But trying to stay positive and find different ways to find people to teach.

Have a good week, 
Elder Wilson

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Hey fam,

It has been another quick week. This past week we were able to have our baptism for Lavenia. It was a really good service where the Spirit was very strong. She bore a strong testimony of the church and the doctrine of Christ. It was a great experience for elder Vaisa and me to teach her. 

We have been continuing to teach Uenita and she still has not yet given birth! We are going on 3 weeks overdue and she is still walking around the house.

One of the best things to happen to you when you're a missionary is to go to a member's house and have them say, "oh we have an investigator to baptize." This happened to us this week which was super, super nice. Her name is Catherine and she is 11. She is a little shy but she has been fun to teach and we have a baptismal date for the 11th.

In other news, the Rubix cube has become a big thing in our district. I have learned how to do it and got my P.R. today with a solid 1 minute and 16 seconds. 

In Sunday school a man raised his hand and said that all the spirits in the spirit prison deserve to be there because they are so annoying here on earth.

I have been reading in Mosiah and really love reading the words of King Benjamin.

This next week we finally have our conference to turn Puke from a branch to a ward. It's going to be way fun, and then 2 stakes (including ours) are splitting into 3, so we'll be having a huge conference the last Sunday of this transfer.

Love you and I pray for you all,
Elder Wilson

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Hey all, 

It's been a good week over here in Tonga and a lot of things have happened. I think I'll go for 1-10.

1. Atata- we went out to Atata again this past week. It was OK. After 4 trips already I'm starting to get tired out from it. We went to the island using the tourist boat and slept the night. I went with Elder Lomu who's on his second transfer so it was good to give him the island experience. We played soccer with all the guys on the island (surprisingly a big thing on Atata) then we visited members. We were able to find one new investigator and teach one lesson which was great.

2. Lavenia- Lavenia is finally going to get baptized this Saturday. It's been good to see her testimony of the Gospel and her desire to be baptized. 

3. Uenita- definitely has not yet given birth. She will be baptized as soon as she does, haha. Her due date was two weeks ago #Tonga.

4. Huge change to Mission Tonga. We are now able to wear Western gear instead of the normal Tupenu and Ta'ovala. Our mission is in a little bit of an uproar about it, but we shall see how long that lasts. I have already given all my pants away so it doesn't really effect me.

5. We are teaching a family! The mom's name is Talafungani and it's been real fun to get close with her 5 kids. Nobody is really progressing from that family so we will be working together this week to try and get them progressing.

6. I had a good spiritual experience yesterday - as we were walking from one appointment to another,  my eyes hit on this one house. We kept walking for another 20 seconds but I couldn't take my eyes off the house, so we went back and knocked on the door and found a potential investigator. Listen to the Spirit.

7. I'm killing it in darts this transfer. I think my form has been getting a lot better. I'm already up 4 on Elder Vaisa this transfer.

8. On the way back from Atata we were on the boat with a guy from Switzerland. It was funny talking about Roger Federer. I tried sharing the gospel with him as we got off the boat and boom he was gone. haha

9. I have been really bad about doing language study for the past while. I think I've gotten to a point where my Tongan is alright but if I want to be good at it I gotta start studying.  We've been trying to speak Tongan all the time and we're trying to fit in language study every day.

10. We have really high goals this transfer. President set a goal of 40 baptisms for every zone. Last transfer we had 13, so our faith and hard work are going to have to grow a lot.

Love you all. 
Have a great week,
Elder Wilson

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Malo Tua Lava,

Sorry for the delay, P-day got changed to Wednesday and will be the emailing day from now on. Life has stayed the same on this side of the world. Transfers came and went this past week and we are staying here in Hofoa and Puke. I heard a rumor I was supposed to go to an outer island but I think I'm supposed to be here. We planted a lot of seeds last transfer that we will be able to harvest now so that will be good. I am actually pretty excited to see what comes out of all of our work. I also think that during this next transfer our branch in Puke is going to be made a ward and our island of Atata will be getting a branch. So, I'm going to be eating a lot of pig this next month or so.

We continue to teach Uenita in Hofoa, who is super prepared. I learned from our surprise MLC [Mission Leader's Conference] this past week and from General Conference that I need to be better at emphasizing the book of Mormon. We have been trying this with Uenita and it has really helped us become better teachers. Not that we're doing anything else, but the Book of Mormon and the Holy Ghost working together is spiritually unstoppable. We have set up a baptismal date for her the 28th of this month, but who knows because she needs to give birth before she can be baptized.

I am short on Time.  I testify of the Book of Mormon and the blessings that come from reading it day to day.

Elder Wilson

Monday, October 9, 2017

Hey Everybody,

Life is good on this side of the ocean. This past week Elder Vaisa and I finally set up a system to go out to Atata [the small island in his area] and we made the trip this week. The history of the Church on this island is pretty cool and very new. Last year a couple in Hofoa (where we live) got called to move out to Atata and start the church there. When the Stake President and the couple headed out to Atata, the town officer was there on the beach with a knife. The Stake President happened to be a retired lawyer and made sure that everything went smoothly with the first transition of the Church on the island. The first Sunday there were 3 members. The Tauhi kolo (whatever that is in English [leader?]), his wife, and his son. It stayed that way for about 3 months until another member family moved to the island. During the last year two families have been baptized and there are now 31 members in Atata with 7 priesthood holders. It's pretty crazy, because of how small the island is, that there are that many members. It is really cool to be able to go out to the island and help the work out there.

Other than that, we were able to find and commit a lot of people to baptism this week. Who knows how many will work out but we will keep trying. Every week my testimony grows stronger that missionary work needs to be done through the members.

We had Zone conference last week which went really well. I really enjoy listening to president Tui'one and his instructions on how I can become a better missionary.  General conference was probably the highlight of last week. I did the same thing I did last time and wrote 5 questions and all were answered again, except for 1 which I believe will be answered when I review the talks. The Book of Mormon and the power from it was what hit me hardest. It's the one thing that is most important to my investigators, that they have a testimony of the Book of Mormon. It's kind of pointless to continue with the lessons if they don't read it and pray about it.

- I am up by 5 wins against Elder Vaisa in Darts.
- Our neighbor has a person living there who is an absolutely amazing singer.
- I played tennis this morning for the first time in a year. It was way fun. There are people in my area who come from Eua which is know for playing tennis. I definitely need to get back in the game though.

Ofa atu.  I invite all to watch, listen, read, or reread the conference talks, literally the best thing in the world. It's like another Christmas for missionaries. 

Do good things, 
Elder Wilson

Monday, October 2, 2017

Hey everybody,

It was another good week. I was able to see a really great miracle this past week. Two transfers ago I had the opportunity to teach an investigator in Longolongo named Neomai. Unfortunately she couldn't get baptized because her dad was a preacher in another church. Three months later, after a LOT of fasting and prayer, her Dad last week gave her permission to get baptized. To be honest I feel like one the biggest things God has tried to teach me on my mission is that fasting works, which kind of sounds weird but has been very true. I have been able to witness miracles because of fasting. I can't change anybody's mind, but I know God can.

Last week we focused our efforts on finding people to teach in Hofoa and knocked every door in Hofoa trying to find new investigators. It actually kind of worked and we were able to find some people to teach, but though none look super promising, we will sure try. For our zone conference tomorrow we have been asked to teach on Chapter 9 from Preach My Gospel on finding people to teach. I'm a little confused on how to teach this because every convert on my mission has come from a member. For example, last week all we did was knock doors and the only 1 investigator that came to church was from a member who brought her. 

Besides that, life has been going great. Elder Vaisa and I have been having darts competitions after every planning session in our house and after being down four I have tied it up with two weeks left in the transfer. 

Ofa atu​​​​, 
Elder Wilson