Tuesday, January 3, 2017


It's been a pretty eventful past couple of weeks. Christmas was good. Really, the only thing I did on Christmas was go to church and call the fam, but that's all I needed. I also got the news that I was getting transferred! I've  moved to the kolo(town) of Fatumu and am companions with my brother from the MTC,  Elder Manu. So far it's been way sweet here. We actually cover 3 kolos: Haveluliku, Fatumu, and Lavengatonga. It's a great area with a cave that I went to when I here for HEFY, and a couple of really good beaches. 

Some of the really cool things about this area is that 1) All the basketball courts have rims
2) Everybody here plays tennis which I'm pumped about. I haven't seen the skill level yet but I feel like it will be really entertaining to play some tennis with the Tongans.

In terms of the work, we have a ward in Fatumu and a branch in Lavengatonga. There are a TON of less active people. Most of them have already been baptized but have just fallen away. One of our goals is to help the Lavengatonga branch become a ward even though it's been a branch for 36 years. I'm excited to start working here. My ward is sweet and I have my favorite senior couple, the Hafokas, in my area, so I got ball and tennis and a cave and two beaches and everybody loves me because I'm white and can speak Tongan. I really hope that I can stay here for a while.

Random things: 
-  Apparently everybody died last week. Funerals are huge in Tonga and there was 3 in this area.
- New Years was cool, everybody was doing fireworks. There is a Wesleyan church near us and they sang until midnight which was really cool.

Love you and have have a good week! I will try to send pictures next week.

Elder Wilson

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