Monday, December 26, 2016

Pictures of Tonga

Last week Levi sent a bunch of pictures from his trip around Tonga. Since there were too many to put on that post, we saved them for this week. Tonga has four island groups. 1) The Tongatapu group which is the most southern group, most populated and where the mission home is based.  2) Ha'apai group which looks like a ton of little islands and is just above Tongatapu. 3) The Vava'u group which is the next Northern group and has bigger islands.  4) The Niuatoputapu group that is so far North and where the conference was earlier this month.

 Two small islands from the Ha'apai group.


Levi in Vava'u
Vava'u, 3rd island group

Niua, the 4th Island group

Leaving Niua.

Tafahi, an island of about 20 people that juts out of the ocean about 6 miles from Niua.

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