Monday, December 5, 2016

Another good week!

This week was the mission tour. Elder Haleck, the president of the Area Seventy Presidency, came to speak to the entire mission. He did four different sessions, 2 in Tonga, 1 in Ha'apai, and 1 in Vava'u. He talked about Baptism which was a good topic to speak about, especially for me. One problem that has occurred in the Tonga Mission (probably just a pacific problem in general), is the term Papi no ia, which means that there is no point in baptisms. Just go take some random person of the street and baptize them. Elder Haleck talked about the importance of baptism and making sure people are ready to make the covenants with God. He also mentioned the quote in the PMG from Elder Ballard that baptism opens the gate to Celestial Kingdom. His message and spirit was really good for the mission. 

One small miracle I saw this week:  Elder Cho and I went to see Solomoni our investigator. We went to the house that we usually teach him and it turns out that his parents (devout Wesleyans) had gotten super mad that we had taught him and wouldn't let us teach him anymore. After that bad news, as we were driving back to the office I saw this little road going to uta (bush). As soon as we drove past it I said, quote,"Flip Elder Cho." and we turned the car around and went down this terrible, awful dirt road. After following it for a little ways we found this tiny little house with a small family of three. We haven't had the opportunity to teach them yet but we will see what happens. It's amazing to see how God works.

In other news, Elder Cho and I are reteaching the lessons to Elaini, and continuing to teach English class. 

Sometimes it pours over here but it's maybe once every 2-3 days. But right now really it just getting HOT. Honestly, it's probably the best time to be in the office because of the heat.

Next week I might have the chance to go somewhere in Tonga and won't be able to email. Depending on that I may have a Tika (sick/ awesome) email to send  the next Saturday.  

I love you all and I love my God!
Church is True!

Elder Wilson

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