Monday, August 29, 2016

HEY.   Life is good here in Tonga, but a lot of stuff has happened since last week. In the MTC we had a branch devotional before we left where everybody in the district says their First Vision discussion and we sing a song. Our first vision went really well and then we sang Folofola Mai a Sisu which was super spiritual. It was really hard to say goodbye to all the districts. I got really close to the Samoan and Fijian districts.

Then we flew from SLC-LAX-AUCK-TONGA. It was super long and stressful and I'm just glad I made it here.  We stayed in a mission complex that they have right across from temple. I did a session in Tongan which was fun and very confusing. I was a part of the biggest intake and biggest transfer in Tonga mission history. There were 35 of us in the intake, including 15 from America and 16 from New Zealand. There are 180 Missionaries in Tonga. We did some introduction stuff and had a meeting and then we met our companions.

My Companion is Elder Talisa. He is from Auckland, New Zealand and jacked to Mars. He could lift me up with one finger.  He played pro rugby in Australia for a couple of years before he came here. He is way cool, super smart and wants to work. I'm in Pea which is kinda central in Tonga. My ward is super cool, which helps a ton with missionary work.

Some Tonga things:

For missionaries they have what are called, Fafongas, which is when members give you all the food in the world and want you to eat it all. I have probably eaten more in the last 5 days than in 6 weeks in the MTC. I eat at my Fafaonga then I fast until the next one so I can eat it all.

I also have more mosquito bites than Gav had dunks and Jorde has 3's last year. Mosquitoes love white skin, I swear.

While my companion and I were touring our area for the first time, we drove up to this huge Tongan wedding reception where the Bishop was. We were outside this huge tent and the Bishop invited us in where there were probably 15 cooked pigs just sitting on all the tables for the reception. Let me tell you, Tongan receptions are amazing, people throwing money everywhere, somebody always talking into some microphone and so much food. It was a crazy intro to Tonga.

But life is good. I'm just trying to get my Tongan down. I really like my area and I'm excited for the things we can do.

Ofa Atu

Go blazers

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Time has gone so quickly here in the MTC. I leave for Tonga on Monday. My district is flying to LAX to Auckland to Tonga and I honestly don't think I've ever been so excited in my life.  I literally only know my testimony, prayer, and some super simple stuff in Tongan, but I know God will help me and if all I can do is testify, then that's all right. I'm just going to work as hard as I can to learn the language and have the spirit with me.

My teachers have been showing us pictures and apparently there are some huge centipedes in Tonga that I had no idea about. But quite honestly, I'm going to a country where there ain't no snakes, scorpions, or spicy food. The church is true.

Oku ou fakamo'oni o Sisu Kalaisi mo Ene Fakalelei. Oku ou ofa 'a e ongoongolelei 'o e Sisu Kalaisi. Oku ou ilo Sisu mate ma'a kitautolu. Te u Feinga malohi i Tonga ki ako'i 'ae ngaahi lea oe Kalaisi.

I love you all. Thank you for your examples in my life.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Hey! Life is good in the MTC, though, I'm not gonna tell a lie. It's kinda the same thing now and I'm just pumped to get to Tonga. Our district gets our flight plans today and I'm SO EXCITED. 

This week Elder Nasilai and I had a great lesson with one of our investigators. We taught lesson 3 and the spirit was so strong. That was the first lesson I told myself, okay no notes. And although I really can only pray and bear testimony in Tongan the lesson went really well. Speaking of that, we have our first skype TRC tonight which I'm way excited for. I've heard it can be hard because you can't really hear them over skype. 

Okay, if you thought I was kidding Tongan singing being incredible, I'm not. My favorite song of all time, (probably a little better than Dame Dolla) is Folofola Mai a Sisu. I sing in twice an hour. My companion may or may not be a wee bit annoyed with me singing it every 5 seconds but that's ok. Please look it up, it's amazing. I literally wrote it my journal twice this week. Sorry journal I was singing my heart out instead of writing. It's just apart of the life style that I love.

Not a whole lot has gone on besides that, I'm just trying to work my hardest to be the best missionary I can. Over the last month I've grown to love the Gospel so much. I can tell the impact it has had in my life and the impact it can have on others. 


Elder Wilson

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Malo E leiei! Life is good here in the MTC. The days are flying now, I can't believe that I'm almost half way done! Dang I'm feeling a top 5.

1. TONGAN SINGING. Okay, really there isn't anything to match it. I hated singing 3 weeks ago except for, "Thats how I beat Shaq," but Elder Fakahua in my district is Elder Adell Fakahua. I'm not kidding he's insane. Elder Manu is Elder Josh Groban Manu. And my hoa, Elder Naselai is Thurl Bailey. I'm the white kid who really doesn't care how bad I sing, but I honestly straight out belt. I pride myself on being the loudest and having no shame.

2. My teachers -  Brother Diel and Brother Tautua'a. They are so sweet. Brother Tautua'a is from Tonga and moved to Utah his Sophmore year in high school. Brother Diel( Diela) served in Tonga a couple years ago. They are super fun and really good teachers.

3. We got a new group in our zone, 24 elders and sisters left and we got 60 new elders and sisters. Its really fun to not be the newbies anymore.  Countries in our zone are Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Madacasgcar, Haitian Creole and ASL. In my group we have Fiji, Samoa, Tongan, with some elders going to different places like Austrailia and Hawaii. 

4. I feel like my Tongan improved a lot this last week. I was in a lesson and a thought came to my mind to bear a testimony of how reading the book of Mormon could change the investigators life. The words and the structure kinda just came to my head and I bore a really good testimony. This week I really felt the Gift of Tongues. Honestly I feel better about teaching in Tongan rather than in English. We do 3 minute practice lessons in English and then in Tongan. And though my Tongan is very simply said, I feel like teaching in English is so weird and the spirit is with me more in Tongan. 

5. I got to host some friends from High School. I hosted Elder Colten Lafontaine and Elder Nejad Arshad. I also saw Colson and Seth Doyle. TIMPVIEW MTC.

Finally, I have been thinking a lot this week about Nephi and how much faith he had. Even though so many things were going wrong in the wilderness and his brothers kept murmuring and persecuting him, he still put his faith in Jesus Christ. Nephi performed some amazing miracles and because of his faith he led his family to the promise land. I testify if we had faith like Nephi all things are possible. I know that even though Tongan is(forgive my language) flipping hard, I can learn Tongan and teach to the people of Tonga.

I love you all, thanks for being great examples.

P.S I'm kinda sensing a warriors blow-up and the Blaze are gonna take it all, please email with thoughts.

P.P.S I got made a district leader