Monday, August 28, 2017

Hey guys, 

[HEFY - Humanitarian Experience for Youth - takes multiple 2 1/2 week service expeditions to 20 countries each summer to build homes. Levi went in 2015 where they built a home for a family with 10 children.] 

It's been another good week. This email is definitely mostly for the HEFY3 group, the group I came to Tonga with before my mission to build a house. I got to see my Tongan family again this week at a fireside and have some updates. Sorry if this doesn't make sense to anybody else .

The house:  The house is still holding up good. The boys live in the old house, and the girls live in the new house which also has a living room at the front of the house. I was able to go inside but didn't have my camera that day. They have extended the front of the house, using a tarp over the top, for a kitchen and eating area. There are about 3 cracks inside the house and they all blame me for it - haha. 
Viliami (father) is doing great. He still is a tokoni (counselor) in the bishopric and I actually get to see him quite a lot because we are in the same church building. He still is way funny and remembers when he called me out in front out everybody for getting a line in my head. Viliami still works on gravestones and with the church making the signs in front of the buildings.

Sela (mother) is still doing a great job with her responsibilities as a mother for 11 children. Yeah, she had another baby named Paula who is now ten months. They are also considering adopting another 2 kids. Crazy.
David is now preparing to serve his mission. His call has already been assigned and he is waiting for the letter now. He is working at a hotel making Chinese food. He is still insanely jacked and thinks he can take me. 
Nephi is now in form 6 at Liahona-which is equivalent to a senior in America. Cool thing in Tonga is they have started 4 football teams. He is on the team and I think he is playing tight end. He also is way jacked. 
Alisi and Beula- Both are form 5 (juniors in high school). The twins are doing good, juggling life, school, and church stuff.
Journey is doing great. She still remembers when Riley hit her in the head with a soccer ball (haha), She is currently studying at a hard school in Tonga and wants to become a solider when she grows up.
Sione is still pau'u, I remember being so confused when he would tell me his name was Sione and John, definitely the same name. 
Lupe and Rebecca are 8 and 10 and are so funny. When I went to their house they just started to try and tackle me.  
Daniela and Ana (the baby) are now grown up and super cute. 

In conclusion (this is the most I've written on my mission), the Hefa Family is till going strong. They wake up every morning 5:30 and have family scripture study. When I get to visit with them it makes me feel so blessed that God gave me the opportunity to get called back to Tonga. It was a blessing we (the hefy group) had to build their house. Every time I see somebody in their family I always remember the trip that changed my life. The Hefa family is still grateful to this day for our work even though I know we learned a lot more from them.

To all the HEFY group: Ofa atu (love y'all).  I grateful for all those on missions. I know that this is the true work. From Tonga to the rest of the world we have the amazing opportunity to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. For everyone else, get off of instagram and snapchat and go do service for somebody. The Church is true.

Ofa atu,

Elder Wilson

Monday, August 21, 2017

Forgive the short email this time. We had zone conference this past week and I really do hate teaching in front of other missionaries, but it went OK. We talked a lot about obedience and the Doctrine of Christ.

Last week I had a couple of cool experiences. I had the opportunity to go on a vilo hoa (exchange) with Elder Hansen, another missionary in Tofoa. We had a really good, productive day. Tofoa is where the  hospital is located, so the missionaries there get a lot of calls to go and give blessings. We got a call from my old companion in my old area, Elder Loto'aniu, asking us to go and give a blessing to one of my old member friends who had a stroke, and someone who I was really close with. It was a great opportunity to go see the member and give her a blessing.  Even though it was small, I know that the Lord blesses all of our lives and I count that as a blessing to be able to go see somebody I was very close with. 

Another experience happened when we went door knocking, without a whole bunch of success. We got to have one lesson with an older lady and her two sons. As the lesson went on, another man comes up, interrupts the lesson and starts speaking to us in English. Basically he just said everything Mormons preach is wrong. We were able to talk to him and the rest of the family and share our beliefs and bear testimony. The man's heart softened and he told us that he would never forget seeing us. Though I don't think anybody will get baptized from this experience, but I felt that we were able to change some attitudes about the church and plant some seeds. 

I love you all. Do good things. Reading the book of Mormon everyday brings blessings. 
Ofa atu
Elder Wilson

Baptism in last area.

Random picture of Tonga.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Hey Everybody! 

The past week has been good. Really, the main highlight was the Mission Leaders Conference we had on Tuesday and Wednesday. Since so many new leaders were called, President make it a really big thing. We started out by doing a tour of the island of Tonga and seeing all the sites. We went to see the Ha'amonga (2 big stones with a bigger one on top), a random place where the first Mormon missionaries in Tonga settled, and then some huge rock in the middle of nowhere that apparently Maui (the Tongan God) threw at some giant chicken.

After that we had the best part of MLC, the temple session. I think it has been about 7-8 months since I last got to go the Temple and it was incredible. I testify the Temple is a true house of God and we can learn so much and feel closer to Him in the Temple. I got some answers for some of the personal problems that I have been facing. It was also cool 'cause I got to do it all in Tongan and I understood it all, which was a lot different from the last time.

We then proceeded to do some activities at the Church High School and we ate really, really well. We slept in the church complex, woke up, exercised, ate breakfast then started our 7-hour meeting. We talked about our purpose and what things we can change in the Tonga mission. I learned quite a lot and it helped my testimony about exact obedience. I know that all blessings come from obedience and that if we missionaries can be obedient we can see miracles.

Besides that a HEFY group came and left. I got to see and talk to my good friend Greg from my HEFY experience and meet Sister See and her son from our new Pleas​​ant Grove ward. It's really cool to see the connections that can be made out here in Tonga.

Work has been going OK. We're struggling to work effectively but I think that my companion and I can tear up this area. Hopefully we can get out to our island this week.

Ofa lahi atu, 
Elder Wilson

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks:

Big rock that came in on a Tsunami, called the Maui rock.


Burning the shirt at the year mark.