Monday, January 9, 2017

[We're a little confused, because we got another email today that seems to be about last week; he must have written it before the p-day email but sent it later????]

Hey everybody, 

This week was a very interesting week. On Tuesday our entire district went down to Fua'amotu, where the airport is in Tonga, and did a Blitz of the entire village. It went really well and while there I ran into some of the Kaufusi family.  Elder Manu's family is from Fua'amotu so he got to meet a lot of his family down there as well. The cool thing was that we got an appointment set up to teach two investigators in English that next night. Since one of the missionaries in Fua'amotu doesn't know English I went there to teach the lesson with him.
We taught two Fijians, one named Tua and the other Nasi. Tua was 19 years old and Nasi was in his late 60's and both were working in Uta(bush). They both didn't know English well and Tua didn't know Tongan so it was an interesting lesson. The actual lesson went really, really fast, like maybe 20 minuets, but Tua said yes to being baptized and Nasi gave an eyebrow raise, so I'm hoping for good things. The cool thing was that after the lesson I felt kind of bad that it was super short so Tua and I started talking about the Book of Mormon for a while. I'm really excited to see his progress.

Other than that I got Puke (Sick) the entire rest of the week - fever, chills and a whole bunch of other things. Just as I started feeling better the AP's called me to come to the office to chill with another sick elder who is in the office right now, so I'm back chilling in the office again trying to get back to my area, which will hopefully be soon.

Sorry I didn't get any pictures I'll try to send some next week.
2 Nephi Chapter 4 hit me hard this week, read it.
Ofa Atu

Elder Wilson

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