Sunday, February 5, 2017


Yo Family and Friends,

It's been a good past week, and a SUPER weird last transfer. Haha, guess what? Surprise, Surprise, I'm back in Fatumu with Elder Manu! I'm actually way pumped to come back here. I really missed my ward here even though I was only here for two weeks.

Last week I was able to go on an exchange with the zones [Zone Leaders ?], which was really nice 'cause I got to go to Kolovai and be in a car. We went all over the zone so that I also have now been to everyplace is Tongatapu (main island) except for two small towns. I will continue my quest.

I had a good birthday. Thanks Mom, the package came on time. Unfortunately ants got into the cereal. Fortunately I believe that they are a good source of protein. So as Tongans say "sai ke tau ilo" (good to know).

In other news:
1. It's either been crazy hot, or raining like crazy.
2. We had a neighbor in NukuNuku, a deportis from America, who made me a cake for the B-day.
3. We sang at another fireside.  I always have to Hiva loi (sing lie) because my voice is absolutely terrible.
4. The W on this keyboard always brings a pop up on the computer, super annoying.
5. There is an Elder in our mission named Elder Kau, from Tonga. He was named Mr. Tonga which is a competition for who's the biggest guy in Tonga. We call him Captain America.
6.  Usually people make resoulutions on New Years, but I usually just do it on my B-Day
-Lose weight
-Eat as healthy as I can (get rid of chocolate)
-Learn Tongan
-Stay in an area longer than a month.
-Take more pics. This place is way beautiful.

Ofa Atu! Keep the commandments!
Elder Wilson

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