Monday, February 13, 2017

Back in the Hood

MALO TAU MA'U, Family and friends,

It has been a good week. I'm really, really liking this area, definitely my favorite one so far. 

This week we had church in Lavengatonga, the branch that we cover. Church starts at 10:00 and at 10:00 there were 13 people there! including 8 kids! Ummmmm....  More people came as the meeting went on but at it's peak I think there was about 25 people there. I feel bad for the Branch President and the Ward Mission Leader. They both gave talks and both gave lessons in the 2nd and 3rd hour. Elder Manu and I got to share our testimony's and bless the sacrament. We are really hoping to improve that branch. We currently have an investigator from named Noa that we were hoping to baptize this week, but she didn't show up to church. We have one other investigator named Rachel, a 10-year-old girl that moved to our Bishop's house, that is going to be baptized this Saturday.

In other news, Elder Renlund is coming this week along with Elder Lynn G. Robbins and Bishop Causse, which I'm way pumped for. They are going to talk to us on Saturday. After seeing everybody's email about the new schedule change it finally came to Tonga. It's not anything really big, we just switch planning to the morning and P-day starts at 8.

I think there was a hurricane this week. I heard that one was coming from Fiji. We had some pretty wicked rain and wind this week but it wasn't too  bad. 

Forgive me if I couldn't respond to everybody's emails, I'm way short on time. I love you all and I'm thankful for Jesus Christ and his Atonement and Gospel. 

Keep the commandments.

Elder Wilson

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