Monday, February 20, 2017

Malo e leiei family and friends,

This past week has probably been the fastest week of my mission.  It was super busy and Elder Manu and I did A LOT of stuff. This week we had:  1) A Mission Conference with Elder Renlund from the Quorum of the 12 and Elder Hallstrom from the Presidency of the 70, and 2) Ward Conference in Fatumu which included two baptisms.

1. The mission conference: We got picked up at 1:00 on Saturday to go to one of the biggest LDS churches in Tonga right next to the Temple. Our meeting started at 3 and went for two hours. Apparently Elder Renlund and Hallstrom came straight from America to Tonga, then they went to Fiji, and Australia. It was a great meeting and I really liked what Elder Renlund said when he shared a story about being an apostle. After about six months he was in the office of Elder Cook (his Apostle trainer - totally didn't know that was a thing) and he said he felt terrible, like he was an impostor. He said he was spiritually reprimanded, from God, for saying that. But what I liked is that we all feel inadequate for what our specific calling is, and it doesn't matter if it's an Apostle, missionary, or whatever. 

2. Ward conference in Fatumu: Ward Conference was really good. On Friday we had a musical fireside and we asked the missionaries in our district to come sing with us. We sang Brightly Beams in Tongan and English and it was amazing. I had to give a "Welcome to the Fireside" thing which also went well.

On  Saturday we baptized a girl named Rachel and a young man by the name of Una. It went well and I got to conduct the baptismal service. 

On Sunday we had Ward Conference and HOLY HANNAH there was a lot of people there. There were about 100 people there, so over half the town and I realized why afterward. After every Ward Conference there's a huge feast. Our Bishop killed his pig in preparation. I had some weird sea shell things and some octopus.

As of right now Elder Manu and I have one investigator who is a little iffy jiffy but we will be working with her and trying to find some new investigators this week.

Random things:
-There is a kid here named HARRY POTTER, which is so funny - just this random 5-year- old kid, the youngest in a family of 12 or something. 
- We were going somewhere in a car and this Grandma, probably like 65, is singing RB in English in the back seat. It was great.

I love you all. Thank you for all you do. Walk in faith, keep the commandments.
Ofa atu,

Elder Wilson

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