Sunday, October 2, 2016


Well, the big news of the week is that I'm getting transferred to... the mission office. Wahoo! At first I had no idea what to think about this news, to be an office elder sounds so weird and I had never though about that before, especially this early on my mission. Some pros I've heard about being an office elder -  
1. I get to go everywhere and see everybody, all over the main island and maybe even to Vava'u and Ha'apai. 
2. First class. I get one of those... what do you call it? umm... Oh a stove.
3. I get to be close to president and his family.
4. BASKETBALL, President Tuione likes to ball and I'm gonna be balling with him every morning at five in the morning. 

Some cons
1. I'm about to gain weight, please pray for me not to get fat. The last two office elders gained about 50 pounds, not kidding.
2. I'm gonna be speaking a lot of English which is gonna hurt my Tongan.
3. Not the typical missionary work. It's really not that bad actually because I will have still have time to teach investigators that are sometimes brought to the office, so I won't be totally out of the loop. 

Pea has been interesting, and as the start of my mission was pretty rough and hard, but as I sat in church yesterday, I saw the two converts, two inactives, and two new investigators sitting in the back, so life really is good. The main thing I learned this transfer is to trust God and put your faith in him.  I would like to share a quote, "If you ain't got faith, you ain't got nuttin."  The only way we can get through challenges, is to put our faith in him.   

I love you all. Tonga is a week behind on conference, so I'm just waiting for next week to like no other. 

Ofa Atu

Elder Wilson

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