Sunday, October 16, 2016

Here are 5 things about this week, (sorry I'm not super creative):

1. The  Liahona area in Nuku'alofa is like Provo, except it's one hundo percent Mormon.  So basically, people just bring us investigators from different parts of the island.  In our case this week we found M who is 16 years old and from New Zealand. She had been taught some of these lessons before but we still taught her all the lessons again.  It was really fun and good for me to teach her because she could understand some of my Tongan and life is better when I'm able to communicate in the lessons. We taught her Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, interviewed on Friday and baptized on Saturday. 

2. We had a follow-up meeting with my entire intake group. It was super fun to see Elder Poulsen and Elder Manu and the rest of my intake again. 

3. I got to see FATHER HEFA. [The father of the family whose house Levi helped build last year when he was in Tonga on his humanitarian trip.]  One of the zones in Tonga went to the temple and I went to connect with the zone and I saw him walking out of the temple. It was so fun to be able to talk to him. He looked super good. We were both in a rush but he said that David is preparing to go on his mission and that Nephi and the Twins are still going to school at Liahona and are doing well. He said he might send them over to the mission complex one day, and hopefully I'll be able to talk to them more. 

4. I got my driver's license this week - $60 bucks and a flash of an American license and I was set.

5. I went to the blow holes this week.  Even though the pictures are super sweet it's nothing like actually being there. It's so beautiful. (This is a part of my "wear in the world" Blazer campaign, Ubi. I put you in charge of getting me there.  I better have some free Blazer tix when I come back.)

Lastly- I am 180 pounds! Oh my gosh I am so fat, It's honestly so scary, I might be fasting a couple times next week. 

I testify this work and this Church is true and we got a prophet and some dang good apostles on the earth right now.


Elder Vilisoni

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