Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Just a few things that happened this week -

The First Counselor (Simote) took my companion and I to dinner this week and we got in the car thinking he was going to take us to one of the local falekai  but instead he took us clear to the other side of the Island to the best place in Tonga, To explain my problems with eating let me explain this meal in detail:

Background:  before the dinner I thought that the Fafonga wasn't lava (not gonna happen) so I ate 2 bowls of some Tongan cereal and some top ramen so in American Terms I'm wasn't really hungry.
Introduction:  We order an appetizer, get a family size pizza, which in Tonga Means extended family as well. I have 5 pieces of of pizza to start, 4 Hawaiian and 1 meat lover.
1st body paragraph: Then the real food comes, pasta with meatballs, 5 meatballs the size of tennis balls. Currently my state is already full from the pizza.
2nd body paragraph: Manage to finish the meatballs, now I'm stuffed to Mars, Simote, tells me to eat the rest of the pizza,(three pieces) I drink a bottle of water in preparation but I'm currently dead.
3rd body paragraph, It takes me 15 minuets to eat one slice of pizza, I drink two more water bottles, I finish half of another slice and cover it up with my napkin, I currently cannot eat any more and think I just gained 30 pounds right there.
Conclusion: He buys us ice cream and cake, we take it home I lay down and am unable to stand.

Aside from that, the work is going alright. We have 4 new investigators that have potential. We might have 1-2 baptisms this week or next week depending on the progress of our investigators.

Church is true and Mormon 9 is a way awesome chapter
Ofa atu
Elder Wilson

P.S.  I finally have my Tongan name, Elder Vilisoni which means "vision" in Tongan.

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