Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Life has been going in Tonga.  Just a few things that have happened in this last week. 

One, we had our two baptisms on Saturday for Asena and Mataola. It went really well, The Bishop baptized both of them. One problem I see in Tonga is a lot of people get baptized for the wrong reasons. But I really feel good about Asena and Mataola because they seem like they are going be really strong. Asena might be thinking about serving a mission which would be awesome. 

Two, I SAW A BLAZER SHIRT, HOLY COW. It was really good timing too! I wasn't feeling so good at the time but I walked into the house to eat and there it was, the best shirt in all of Tonga. (Picture attached below).

Three, right now my companion and I are just trying to find new investigators and try to strengthen the ward. I didn't really do a whole lot this week quite honestly. Tonga is a small country and these areas are tiny! I'm just trying to be the best missionary I can be and adjust to missionary work in Tonga.  


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