Sunday, November 6, 2016

Well, it's been a pretty interesting week here in Tonga and especially in the office. I played basketball three times this week at 5 in the morning. It's funny how a person can be motivated enough to wake up at 5 and ball. It's not very competitive but it's pretty dang funny. I also got to see the Busbys, a senior couple from our new ward in Pleasant Grove.  It was really fun to talk to them.  Then we had a crazy lightning storm that blew out the power and the phone network here in Tonga, hence why I'm emailing a day late.

This week we had planned for three baptisms on Saturday.  The kids we were teaching weren't lava (able to) because their parents don't like the church, and our other investigator went hola (kinda of like fled or ran away) on us. Sooooooooooooooo...... that kind of sums up our week. But the work is still progressing and we will for sure have our other two investigators be baptized this Saturday. 

Elder Cho and I also taught a man at church today named Solomon, he seemed very interested and it was a good lesson by the spirit. We got another appointment to teach him this Saturday. (P.S I understand everything that is being said in the lessons but I still have very little ability to communicate my feeling and my thoughts.)  

Last thing is gratitude.  I'm grateful for electricity, a bed, pens that have ink in them, basketball, education, Skippys cereal, Fijian Sugar, New Zealand Chocolate, people named Freddy, Dame Dolla, but the most important is my family.  Families are the only unit that you take with you through eternity - you don't get no class, no club, no ward to come with you,  But you have something a billion times better, family.  Family is the best thing ever and I love my family on earth and the one in Heaven. I know we have a heavenly Father that loves us so much, even to tear us down so we can be built back up, and that through the atonement, the grace and blood of Jesus Christ, we can be with him, and with our families that we have here on earth, for eternity.  "Because of him"(The best Mormon message ever)

I love you all. I have been studying Ether 12 a lot this week and I would invite you to all reread it.

I'm a proud uncle.
Ofa Atu
Elder Wilson

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