Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hello Family and friends! 

This week was transfer week, which brought more stress than anything in the world. But things went smoothly. Some things we do for transfer week:

1. Host the missionaries in our dorm - we had 14 elders in our living quarters this week.
2. Get all the flights/boats. It's crazy to get everybody from island to island, especially with the large amount of transfers we have and last minute switches.
3. Take missionaries to the airport. We woke up at 5 every day this week to take missionaries to the airport (about a 30-40 minute drive). 
4. Make sure everything is good for the arriving missionaries. It was nice that we only had 6 this week.
5. All of our regular office duties on top of that. 

So this week was super crazy and way tiring, but it went well and I'm glad it's over.

In other (better) news, we had a baptism today for Sione and Malolo Lealiki. These boys are absolutely brilliant and I'm really glad I had the opportunity to baptize them. I know that they won't just join the kingdom of God, but they will contribute to it. It astonishes me how smart these kids are, especially Sione.  He knows the gospel better than I did 5 months ago! 

When we went to do the ordinance, surprising I wasn't super scared, even though it was my first time. The first baptism for Malolo went really well. But with Sione it took 3 tries to get his baptism correct because he was too tall and it was really hard to get him down and back up in the water. I felt pretty bad. As a 14-year-old teenager that would have crushed all of my confidence. But right afterward Sione gave a powerful testimony of the gospel and of it's truthfulness. 

We also are progressing well with our investigator Solomoni. We have a baptism date for December 3rd. He comes from a family who are Wesleyan and he travels from the other side of the island for us to teach him.  He asks a lot of really good questions and understands my Tongan which is nice. I'm just scared if he asks me to baptize him because he's a regular Tongan. HUGE. 

I love you all, the Church is true,
Elder Wilson

P.s I got a sick Haircut.  

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