Monday, April 3, 2017

Hey Family and Friends,

It's been another great one here in Tonga. This past week was our Stake's "International Youth Night," where each of the wards was assigned a country/place, and they had to explain the country and do a dance. Lavengatonga's assignment was Texas and Fatumu's was India.  It was insanely funny and I took some serious pride in the fact that Fatumu and Lavengatonga, (the two smallest towns in the Stake, and where I work) definitely delivered. I really wish Tonga had good internet so I could upload the video.

We also had a mission conference on Wednesday that was really good. President talked on the topic I have been trying to study, which is diligence. He spoke about some specific things that we can do to be more diligent in our areas. On a side note, Elder Manu and I had to wake up at 5 to go to another town to catch a bus to our conference. Kinda stunk but the sun rise was way tight. 

Random things:

1. We ate some Tongan Piranhas.
2. Played 2-on-2 basketball this week.
3. Still waiting for General Conference next Sunday.
4. My Branch President just starting talking to me in gibberish for like 5 minutes yesterday. It was so funny.
5. We are eating dog today, they tried to make me kill it, YEAH RIGHT.
6. We might have an investigator for reals, hopefully.
7. Church is still true.
8. Went on this exchange with a new white guy who came in last transfer, Elder Cox. He's way tight   and his Tongan is pretty good for a new guy. 
9. TWO of our inactive families turned up to church in Lavengatonga. We also had 12 men that had the priesthood come to church, definitely a record in my time here. 
10. I don't think I was sick this week. Life is GOOD.

Ofa lahi atu kiate kimoutolu, I encourage you all to read and listen and reread and relisten to the confrence talks, One of the best times of the year is listening to the these great men. Just do it.

Elder Vilisoni

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