Sunday, April 9, 2017


I feel like I say this every week, but for reals, it was another good one. I'll give my random things before I blow up about Conference :
1. All dog lovers will cringe, but I ate dog twice this past week. It kind of tastes like roast beef, picture attached.
2. I got to go to the Scenic Hotel and ate a burger for the first time in 8 months. 
3. Elder Manu and I had 3 really good potential new investigators this week! Then 2 fell through because their parents won't let them be baptized. But we are going to check out another one today, so we shall see.
4. Built a chicken coup.
5. I think my Tongan is actually improving. What has been hard for me was speaking as Tongans speak and not like an English speaker speaking Tongan. But I think that a lot of people are understanding me a lot better. 

As Gavin Baxter and I used to quote,"Shasta is the best thing this side of the Mississippi."  As I was pondering this great saying a thought came into my head - Conference is the best thing on both sides of the Mississippi River. We went to our Stake Center, 3 towns over, to watch it and were lucky because we could watch it English.

Something that I did this General Conference that I haven't done before was go to it with 5 questions, some of which were pretty specific. It was crazy and a testimony builder that all 5 of my questions were answered, and answered well too. My favorite talks were probably Elder Bragg about the Light of Christ and Elder Ballard on Visions, Goals, and Plans. Also I loved President Uchtdorf and President Eyring in the priesthood session. 

10 Ma'ongo'onga(great) things from Conference:

10. Family History work is central to the plan of salvation - Pres Eyring
9.  A repenting sinner draws closer to god than the self-rightous - Elder Renlund
8. The light of Christ is as real as the actual sunlight - Elder Bragg
7. All Christlike attributes are intermingled. As we develop one we influence another-
Elder Hales
6. Elder Ballard - It's our duty to listen, also to have goals and vision to increase desire.
5. Pres Uchtdorf - Be Thankful but don't inhale it. You cannot get into Heaven by campaigning for it, In leadership, don't direct, let God direct us.
4. Elder Choi- One small thing I do on my mission and in life can make huge differences throughout generations.
3. Pres Uchtdorf- Don't use fear as a motivator. Look forward with faith, not fear. Perfect love casteth out fear.
2. Elder Bednar - Called to serve, labor in a country. Worthiness is the KEY to receiving  blessings.
1. PRES EYRING - God's work isn't to be super effective but to build people up.

My favorite line of conference was the above one by President Eyring.  I realize that trying to work extra hard and smart to find new investigators isn't the most important thing. I'm also here to build people up. Other than that we have Stake Conference and I think Elder Cardon is coming who is my grandpa's cousin. Hopefully I'll be able to talk to him.

The Church is true, The men who lead this church are inspired from God, We can learn so much from listening to there words. I invite all of us to listen to words of the Prophet and gain our own testimony and read the Book of Mormon.

Ofa lahi Atu
Elder Wilson

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