Sunday, March 5, 2017


Mom this email is for you - I ATE 3 BANANAS. Absolutely insane. We went to our fafanga and they forgot they were supposed to feed us, so they came out with a huge bowl of bananas. [Mom: gotta love missions!] The other thing I ate this week was peanut butter. If there is one thing I can't eat it's peanut butter. When the person feeding us went back into the house for a sec, Elder Manu came in clutch and I gave him almost all of the peanut butter on my bread. 

This week Elder Manu and I have been working our hardest to reactivate a family in our branch town, Lavengatonga. The name of the family is Kilisimasi or Christmas. Their household is pretty crazy. There are the main parents, that are in their 60's, and 10 kids that are all married and have kids. So it's a pretty big family. We had a Family Home Evening with them on Monday this past week which went SUPER well. The grandparents both had a really big change of heart and said that they wanted to return to church. Every day since that day we have gone to their house to read the Book of Mormon with them. We are really hoping to get them to Church.

The other big thing this week was Snickerdoodles. I made them  for mutual this week and, Man, they were way good. Shout out to the Wilson cook book. The funny thing is that all the ladies in the ward have been asking me to teach them how make them. I'm gonna reactivate this area through Snickerdoodles!

Random things:

- We might be eating dog today. The family said I have to kill it. I said "yeah, right, I'll fast."
- My branch president said that we were going to eat cat. We shall see.

- We went to one of our towns with 3 boys from the area. We knocked every door in about an hour, and that is with us talking to everybody for like 20 minutes.

Choose the right. I love you all and I testify of the Savior and his atonement.

Ofa lahi atu,
Elder Wilson

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