Monday, March 13, 2017

Hey Family and friends!

This has been another good week in Fatumu, but to be brutally honest nothing has really happened, so I'm going to give my famous random things.


1. A guy in our ward got this insanely nice Cannon camera off a drunk guy for 50 pa'anga (25 bucks), and we helped him take some nice picks. 

2. We ate pig twice this week - it's so good.

3. After the royal funeral nobody in Tonga could do anything loud for the next ten days, so that meant no basketball, for ten days. Finally the ban ended and Elder Manu and I got to ball again.

4. We have continually gone to the house of one of our less active families and read the scriptures with them and it's been a very good experience.

5. We got to go to a very nice hotel and eat really well, but I got sick from the food. HAHA.

6.  Elder Manu and I spoke in Sacrament yesterday. I talked about the Atonement and repentance and Elder Manu talked about the Spirit. It went pretty well for both of us. Hopefully people were looking at me because my talk was good and not cause that white person was speaking weird Tongan. We also taught Sunday school for the youth.

7.  Elder Manu has been obsessed with my glasses this week for fashion purposes. He has asked me to ask anybody who would like to, to donate a pair of glasses to an Elder in the Tongan Nuku'alofa Mission currently serving in the super small town of Fatumu.

8. Totally gonna win the bracket challenge

9. We have a Branch Conference in Lavengatonga this next Sunday and that day is Transfer 
day too. Hopefully we can stay another transfer in Fatumu.

10. I feel like everybody in this area is way tight and I'm really loving the people in this place. In my talk I used a lot from Elder Cornish's talk from last conference, which was a super, super good talk. I invite you all to read it. 

I testify of our Savior and his atonement. We can become as he is, and have all that he has, if we have faith on his name, sincerely repent and continue to keep our convents. 

Elder Wilson

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