Saturday, August 13, 2016

Hey! Life is good in the MTC, though, I'm not gonna tell a lie. It's kinda the same thing now and I'm just pumped to get to Tonga. Our district gets our flight plans today and I'm SO EXCITED. 

This week Elder Nasilai and I had a great lesson with one of our investigators. We taught lesson 3 and the spirit was so strong. That was the first lesson I told myself, okay no notes. And although I really can only pray and bear testimony in Tongan the lesson went really well. Speaking of that, we have our first skype TRC tonight which I'm way excited for. I've heard it can be hard because you can't really hear them over skype. 

Okay, if you thought I was kidding Tongan singing being incredible, I'm not. My favorite song of all time, (probably a little better than Dame Dolla) is Folofola Mai a Sisu. I sing in twice an hour. My companion may or may not be a wee bit annoyed with me singing it every 5 seconds but that's ok. Please look it up, it's amazing. I literally wrote it my journal twice this week. Sorry journal I was singing my heart out instead of writing. It's just apart of the life style that I love.

Not a whole lot has gone on besides that, I'm just trying to work my hardest to be the best missionary I can. Over the last month I've grown to love the Gospel so much. I can tell the impact it has had in my life and the impact it can have on others. 


Elder Wilson

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